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Strathclyde Uni Korfball
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Its out with the old and in with the new!

We're saying goodbye to our old committee! Its been a long and interesting year in the Korfmmittee and its had its challenges. With a new year, new supplier and new facilities all just around the corner, we're removing the slackers and bringing in a team that are up to the task!

Campbell Fleming did a beautiful job as tresurer and his knowledge and experience got him the win in a real fight-it-out battle against the dreaded RON!
Drew Clayton did so poorly that his position almost got axed, but after a poor start, he redeemed himself at the end of the year, and promises of continuous improvement got him his job back, was definitely nothing to do with having an extra body to add tothe meeting rota!
Ross Fraser is moving up in the world! Gaining the spot of club president in a competative and heated debate against.. ah wait, it was uncontested again!

The amazing Nadine Gallagher can obviously do the job of two Ross' and has taken on the responsibilities both the club and fixtures secretary positions, leaving ol' Ross McGuinness somewhat obsolete and so we kicked him out.

We also decided that it might be nice for our social sec to actually attend socials next year and so, following record attendance this year, the young blood Stuart Melville has taken the job off of Iona Smith who did organise some great nights, but she wouldn't know that, cause she wasn't at many of them.

We're all very sad here to be losing Bianca Deladia who was our club president this year. She really went above and beyond to ensure the smooth running of the club, encountering and solving problems before the rest of the committee even knew there was an issue. She'll be sorely missed, but that might also be due to the fact that she was female top scorer and MVP for the season.

And since Ross McGuinness took the male top scorer and MVP honours, we felt obliged to hand over the team captaincy in the absence of Bianca.
Strathclyde Uni Korfball
Strathclyde Uni Korfball1 month ago
We did it! After two strong efforts to finish our league fixtures, Strathclyde have gone unbeaten in the league, finishing in first place! It took amazing efforts all season with incredible improvement shown throughout, from our experienced members to our fresh newbies!

Not only have we stormed the league, we did it with two of our players Bianca Deladia and Ross McGuinness in with a great chance of finishing with top scorers and league MVP honours for girls and boys respectively! Awards will be given out tonight so we'll post an update when we hear the good news!

A huge thank you to our coach Pat Merton as without him this year would never have been as successful as it has been!

Amazing job Strathclyde! #WeBleedMaroon
Strathclyde Uni Korfball
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Strathclyde Uni Korfball
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Amazing job Strathclyde! With two tremendous efforts today and some spectacular korfball over the weekend we were able to secure 3rd place at the BUCS Trophy tournament and we're on our way home with bronze medals still around our necks!

This is an absolutely amazing result for a club that is only 3 years old as every single player with us showed incredible resolve and the improvement as a squad from our last tournament only a month ago was incredible!

Despite all of the odds and with 4 players pushing themselves through injury, the team showed real discipline throughout the tournament with an incredible defensive effort in Every. Single. Game.

We are all so proud of ourselves and our fellow #Strathletes as we're heading home for a proper celebration!

As always a big thanks to the #StrathclydeAlumniFund for our shiny new posts this season which were vital when preparing for this weekend.

Finally, a MASSIVE thank you to our coach and dear dear friend Pat Merton, without who we would be nothing close the team we are today!


#StrathSports #StrathKorf
Strathclyde Uni Korfball
Strathclyde Uni Korfball2 months ago
Absolutely AMAZING Strathy!!!

With a strong start and an early win in our first game, we showed flashes of the great korfball we know we can play! However the 9am start also showed us we were still a little groggy with some lazy defensive reach-ins giving away penalties and making the game closer than it had to be.

In the second game we met one of the strongest teams of the competition and their aggressive and high-intesity defence proved difficult to score against. However, we matched their intensity in our own defence holding them to a low scoring game. Ultimately, though, frustration at ourselves lost the game as our disciplined defence broke down.

Our third game we came out fighting after the previous loss. Working hard against aggressive defence we were able to take an early lead and never let up, finishing with another strong victory. However, this game took a toll on the squad, as it ended with 4 Strathclyde players nursing injuries. However, the effort was enough to secure us second place in our group.

Playing in the first set of quarter final games meant our injured players didnt have much of a chance to rest up before playing again. This didnt seem to phase us going into the quarter finals against an incredibly strong Nottingham Squad. We played 30 minutes of gritty korfball and our very own Iona showed amazing skill under a 1 goal defecit to get us back to an even score. Our defence kept us going the rest of the way as we played the best korfball of the day for us. The match ended in a draw, sending us to a penalty shoot out.

With Nottingham shooting first and scoring their first two, Ross Fraser and Drew Clayton showed great focus while injured to keep us on a level pegging. The pressure was building and proved too much for the third shooter from the opposition, as he missed his penalty short. AMAZING resolve and steely nerve from the incredible Ross McGuinness secured us the victory with a graceful finish and a massive celebration!! Once again we thank the Nottingham squad for a great game!!

This win secures Starthclyde a minimum or 4th place, with a really good chance at bringing home a medal after our two games tomorrow! The whole team are heading back to the hotel now to treat our injuries and have a very well deserved rest!

Amazing result for us today though and we hope to carry this feeling and this momentum into our semi final tomorrow!!

#LetsGoStrath #WeBleedMaroon #StathclydeAlumniFund #StrathclydeSports #StrathUniKorf