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The University of St Andrews Korfball Club is a fun loving and inclusive club, with players of all abilities welcome - from complete beginners to seasoned pros! We have two full-club trainings a week with a wide range of drills, competitions and most importantly game time! The club has two teams competing in the Scottish Korfball League, we attend BUCS competitions every year and a particular highlight of our korfball calendar is our annual Beach Tournament; rain or shine, you can’t beat beach korfball! So if you're still asking 'What even is Korfball??", come along to any of our training sessions and find out! <3
University of St Andrews Korfball Club
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University of St Andrews Korfball Club
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Almuni Weekend 2018

This weekend the club enjoyed it's annual alumni weekend, where old and new Saints gather for a weekend of fun in St Andrews.

On Friday we had a social, where many members had an opportunity to meet each other and to have some fun!
On Saturday evening the most important part of the weekend took place - Korfball! With hours of hall time, we managed to have a few matches.The Alumni team, which included plenty of players this year, played one match against the Saints' First Team, and another against the Second Team. It was great to see some new Freshers playing so well, and to see that the alumni hadn't forgotten too much of their Korfball skills since leaving the SAKC! To finish off, we played a couple of mixed matches, before playing some classic games of Killer.

Thank you very much to our President, Rachael for organizing, and for all others who helped by hosting, or simply by joining in! And a massive thank you to all our amazing alumni who came back - it was wonderful to see so many of you back in the town, and we hope to see many of you return again soon for our Beach Tournament which is taking place on the 26th of May!

Lots and lots of Korflove 💛💙💛
University of St Andrews Korfball Club
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In addition to a great day of Korfing, some of our Saints stayed for the Scotland Korfball end of season Ceilidh in the evening, having a fab night <3 Even more excitingly, there were some awards for Saints this season!! Cate did fantastically this year, being the runner-up for both the Female MVP and Top Female Goal Scorer of Division 2! However, our very own Captain Andrew, AKA ‘Babby Pig’, was the Top Male Goal Scorer of the Division 1 league, narrowly beating out the competition by 1 goal and ending the season with a whopping 57 goals this year!! Amazing job Captain!! Oink Oink!! 😉

So that’s all from me, I hope you’ve enjoyed me keeping you all updated on the highs and lows of Saints Korfball this year! But fear not, we still have more korfing fun to come and I hand you over to the very lovely Ela as she takes over Web & Publicity!!

Endless amounts of Korf Love <3,

This is Kathryn, signing out! xx
University of St Andrews Korfball Club
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And now, time for the Saints 2 match reports!!


Whilst the Firsts were taking on Ed Uni 1, a Saints 2 side that was sadly short a boy were facing the very strong Glasgow 2. The Saints took a little while to get themselves warmed up – it was a Saturday morning after all – but they soon got into the swing of it and found their rhythm! The match sadly finished in a 25 – 6 loss, but this doesn’t reflect how much everyone threw themselves into the game and how great the second half was in particular, scoring 4 of their goals after halftime! A special mention goes to Cameron for leading a division of 3 and getting some great collects (especially when it was 2 against 1!) Ellie and Kitty were also collecting beautifully <3 The biggest mentions of all though go to Yollie, for scoring her first league goal, and Anna-Paulina, for doing the same in her very first game! WONDER WOMEN! Other scorers in this match were Cate (2), Cameron (1) and Kitty (1). Captain Cate was the MVP in this match.


What a Glasgow-y day!! With the Firsts team cheering on from the sidelines, and the already exhausted Ian stepping up to fill the empty spot in the first half and Sebastian taking over for him in the second half, the Saints had a stormer of a match, ending the year with a great, fun game! It may have ended in a 12 – 5 loss for the Saints, but everyone played fantastically – I would especially like to note how well all our new Saints played; it was difficult to believe that some of you had only been playing since after Christmas!! Ela was also making some great moves on court and setting the game up beautifully! Scorers in this match were Cameron (2), Sebastian (2) and Cate (1), with Cate again getting MVP!

You were all fantastic and will only continue to get better and better, I’m excited to see just how great you all become! <3 SO MUCH KORF LOVE <3
University of St Andrews Korfball Club
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Finals day 2018!!

So the Saints had their last league games of the season on Saturday and boy, was it a great day!! Both the Firsts and Seconds had 2 matches each today so I shall do the match reports in two posts to save it getting too long – first up: Saints 1! (Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment shortly!!)

The Saints started off the day of Korfing with a match against a rather depleted Edinburgh University 1 team – but despite being short both a boy and a girl, Ed Uni were still incredibly tough opponents. However, the Saints had obviously eaten their Weetabix that morning, as ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE was on fire! We didn’t have a female sub for the day (always a risky business with my unpredictable breathing! 😛 ) but we didn’t need one, as all the girls were totally bossing it! The match ended in a 21 – 13 win for the Saints, which broke the Firsts teams record number of points scored in a match over at least the last 3 years! Shooting from the whole team was on point, but a particularly big shout out should go to Rachael for scoring 5 goals in a single match!! Rachael was also the VERY deserving recipient of the MVP in this match as well 😀 Other scorers in this game were Andrew (5), Billy (4), Kathryn (4), Ian (1), James (1) and Jen (1).

Next up was a game against our closest neighbours – Dundee! This game against Dundee 1 was a really fun one, ending in a fantastic 18 – 10 win for the Saints and leaving us with such a buzz!! This game was non-stop banter, with Jen and Ian being told to ‘get a room’ by Captain Andrew for ending up on the floor together; though Jen could hardly stay off the floor in this match anyway, even when Ian wasn’t around! Ian’s defence was particularly stand out in this game, as was both defence and attack from Kathryn, and Andrew was simply unstoppable – gaining himself a very well deserved MVP as well as a ridiculous 8 goals!!! Other scorers were Billy (2), Sebastian (2), Sinéad (2), Ian (1), James (1), Jen (1) and Kathryn (1).

What an end to the year! We really couldn’t have asked for better games to finish up with – everyone single one of the Firsts left everything they had on the court (believe me, I was feeling it on Sunday!) and pushed themselves to the limit <3 Most significantly though, we focussed on the thing that was our most important aim of the year… FRONT DEFEN … sorry, I mean HAVING FUN! 😉 <3

I also can't forget to mention - I GOT MY CUDDLE PARTY <3 Thanks guys <3

Korf love! xx

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