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Edinburgh University Korfball Club

Korfball is a fast-paced indoor team sport, with teams of 4 boys and 4 girls aiming to shoot a korfball into the korf - essentially a smaller, taller, more yellow basketball hoop. It's a great University sport for two major reasons: Firstly, almost everyone who joins the sport starts at the same level - complete ignorance. Secondly, it's a mixed sex sport. Who else does that? No one. We're the bomb. (ed. okay, frisbee also does that, stop hounding me) A few rules: You can't move with the ball. Boys can only mark boys, girls can only mark girls. You can't shoot if you're being DEFENDED by your opponent, which means he or she is close enough to block the ball if you were to shoot. And so the game is all about using your teammates to create enough space to get a shot away, through fast pacing, clever movement, or just running really really fast. Oh, and the posts are 3.5 metres high, so your first goal is usually accompanied by elaborate celebration and tequila. Interested? Check out our events in Freshers Week or our facebook group or just come down to training and see for yourself (see training times). Any questions, drop us an email: korfball@ed.ac.uk
Edinburgh University Korfball Club
Edinburgh University Korfball Club2 months ago
It gives us great pleasure to introduce your new committee for 2018/2019:

President Orla Menzies
Secretary Rhiannon Jones
Treasurer Sally Christie
Social Secretaries Kashif Irshad and Caitlin Grace Critchley
Tournament Secretaries Frances Waterfall and Ellie Fairfoot
Coaching Coordinator Christie Smillie
Web Secretary James Lally
Kit Secretary Bethany Fellows
Publicity and Alumni Tasha Jayabalan
Ordinary Member Kirit Hyland

Congratulations once again to our new committee and a big thank you to our fabulous outgoing committee for all your hard work this year! <3
Edinburgh University Korfball Club
Edinburgh University Korfball Club3 months ago

Due to the weather the uni is closing its sports facilities this afternoon (boo). BUT we will still be having our welcome back drinks - food and pints and hive for those who are bold enough from 7 onwards at the peartree. See you then!
Edinburgh University Korfball Club
Edinburgh University Korfball Club shared a post.3 months ago
Training Wednesday 21st Feb CANCELLED
Edinburgh University Korfball Club
Edinburgh University Korfball Club3 months ago
🦖Amazing effort from the 3rds ‘Velociraptors’ at BUCS Northern’s this weekend! 🦖
Despite not qualifying; having what might be the worst nights sleep, and only having 10 players, I was very impressed by them mad korfball skills and the team spirit.
It was a really long day but we rallied and fought though every single game (with super super close scores)!

✨We finished 8th out of 15! ✨

Congrats to our MVP’s 🏆
Boys/ Kirit (2 goals)🥇
Kai (1)🥈
Girls/ Anna, Eilidh (1) 🥇

And top goal scorers! 💪
Boys/ Kirit (6 goals)🥇
Kai (5)🥈
Tom (2) 🥉
Girls/ Beverly/Anna (3)🥇

Edinburgh University Korfball Club
Edinburgh University Korfball Club shared NCN - Núcleo de Corfebol da NOVA's post.4 months ago
Always amazing to have our wonderful friends from NCN - Núcleo de Corfebol da NOVA to stay and play at the The Edinburgh International Korfball Tournament - and as per tradition they stayed on longer and came along to our wednesday night training for a few friendlies, and a few drinks at the pub after! Great to see you guys and hope you had a safe journey home!

1993/94 - 1st Place - National Championshipsgold-trophy

2001/02 - 1st Place - National Championshipsgold-trophy

2005/06 - 2nd Place - National Championshipssilver-trophy

2015/16 - 3rd Place - National Trophy bronze-trophy