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UEA Korfball Club

Korfball is a mixed sex sport that combines speed, agility and strategy to win. UEA is one of the best student clubs, having won gold 5 times at nationals, most recently becoming BUCS Champions in 2017! The club aims to introduce new players to the sport of Korfball, develop both recreational and competitve teams, and do all of this inside the framework of a strong and inclusive social culture. All we can say is, come and give it a try! We train in the sportspark: Wednesday 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Friday 4.20pm-5:00pm
UEA Korfball Club
UEA Korfball Club is supporting PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide with Callum Stocks and 3 others.4 days ago
Four of our korfballers are doing jailbreak today to raise money for the charity PAPYRUS that's working with preventing teenage suicide. They are travelling as far away from campus in 48 hours as possible.

If you which to donate to either of them, check their Facebook pages or if you fancy helping them out travelling drop them a message!

Good luck guys!! xx
UEA Korfball Club
UEA Korfball Club3 weeks ago

We are gutted to announce that Nationals will not be going ahead this weekend here at the Sportspark UEA.

Due to the severe weather conditions, the British Student Korfball Association has been forced to make the decision that going ahead would be unsafe. The tournament will be postponed.

The club would like to thank all of our members and everyone from the Norfolk Korfball Association for volunteering their time! We truly appreciate the support!

As soon as we know more, we’ll update you but for now, sit tight!

#WeAreTheBeastFromTheEast #WeAreKorfball
UEA Korfball Club
UEA Korfball Club3 weeks ago
Happy Birthday Sissel! Star of todays countdown to Nationals! - 2 DAYS TO GO
UEA Korfball Club
UEA Korfball Club3 weeks ago
UEA Korfball Club
UEA Korfball Club3 weeks ago
Training tonight is cancelled due to Sportspark closing at 3pm, because of the snow 🌨

Enjoy the snow and stay safe! But most of all have fun❄⛄☃️ We'll hopefully be back with shooting practice at 4.20 on friday! 💙💛
UEA Korfball Club
UEA Korfball Club3 weeks ago
Only 4 days until we compete in Nationals! If you want to help out across the weekend get in touch or see the members page! And if you want to come and show your support and watch some quality korfball please do! 💙💛🏆🏆🏆

2002/03 - 2nd Place - National Championshipssilver-trophy

2003/04 - 2nd Place - National Championshipssilver-trophy

2004/05 - 1st Place - National Championshipsgold-trophy

2005/06 - 1st Place - National Championshipsgold-trophy

2006/07 - 1st Place - National Championshipsgold-trophy

2012/13 - 1st Place - National Championshipsgold-trophy

2013/14 - 2nd Place - National Championshipssilver-trophy

2014/15 - 2nd Place - National Championshipssilver-trophy

2015/16 - 3rd Place - National Championships bronze-trophy

2014/15 - 3rd Place - National Trophy bronze-trophy