About Us

BSKA_LOGOThe British Student Korfball Association (BSKA) is a constituted governing body for the sport of korfball in UK higher education institutions. The association is comprised of all affiliated institutions and is run on their behalf by an annually elected committee of executive officers, charged with developing, representing and promoting the sport in Universities nationwide and delivering competition programmes, as well as representative international squads.

The Association is governed by its constitution, which is kept regularly updated by the association’s secretary. This constitution may only be changed at a general meeting of the association, where motions to change the constitution must be supported by two thirds of the voting members present, in order to be drafted into the document. This system is designed to ensure that your association is run in accordance with the wishes of its membership.

This section gives you more information about the executive committee, representative squads and key contacts you may need, along with a document archive including the BSKA constitution and minutes of both executive committee meetings and general meetings.

For more information, please contact us here or by e-mailing studentkorfball@gmail.com