UKIf you’re coming to the end of your studies, whether you’re planning to work, travel or if you have no plans at all, there are plenty of korfball opportunities out there for you across the UK. Due to the nature of our sport almost all clubs are looking to take on new players from beginners to well-honed, korfball-playing machines.  We at the BSKA are keen to help students leaving University carry on playing korfball wherever you end up.

As is often the case your first port of call should be the internet; The English Korfball Association website has a useful “Find a Club” section and the Scottish and Welsh Korfball Association websites have information and links to clubs in their countries. Most korfball clubs in the UK now also have their own website with further details on.

To give you a sense of where korfball is played in the UK we have pulled together a brief write up on korfball around the UK. The map is an effective summary of the following information, so have a look, find your area and then read on!



Greater London

Many students find themselves in London after university and fortunately there are a huge number of clubs to choose from.

South London: For the ambitious improvers the current national champions Trojans are based in Bromley whilst the ever improving Bec are based in Tooting with a strong social scene and a number of ex-student players in their ranks. Mitcham are another club keen for student recruits as they look to regain premier league status whilst Croydon and Bromley are always on the look-out for new players.

West London: Nomads, another team in the top flight, are based in Epsom and boast one of the largest memberships in the UK.

North London: Highbury is probably your best option in North London and is another club with a wealth of ex-students. Harrow Vultrix is a new club where you will benefit from excellent coaching.

Central: Supernova train in a central London location so could well be the best option for you if you have a job lined up in the city.

South East

Kent: Kent is another area where korfball is thriving. Kingfisher are one of the top clubs in the UK and are based in West Malling whilst Tornadoes have the luxury of being coached by the England coach alongside an excellent youth set up and are based in Aylesford. KV and Bearsted are other premier league sides in the Medway area.

Essex: The Colchester Wildcats compete in the Norfolk league and are always looking for new players!

South Midlands

Milton Keynes & Oxfordshire: Milton Keynes is a real area of growth in the UK with clubs including MK Bucks, MK Lakers and MKX. Oxford is also host to a variety of clubs including Oxford City and Oxford Isis whilst Abingdon and Didcot Dragons play just down the road.


Southampton Spartans are on the lookout for new players. In Basingstoke, there is the Basingstoke Bulls. Farnborough Jets and Woking are also looking for new players.

South West

There is also a notable amount of korfball in the south west of England with Exeter and Taunton Soul in Devon, Bristol City and Bristol Thunder in Bristol, Gloucester Lions and Horfield.


There are two main hubs of korfball in the East of the England in Cambridge and Norwich.

Norwich: Norwich Knights are an ambitious premier league club with a social atmosphere and a strong coaching set-up. Historically, Norwich City have been another strong club and as of the 2015-16 season have re-entered the South East Regional League (SERL). Norwich Ice has a student-friendly set up and a team in the SERL and EKA promo leagues. Norfolk Dragons are a club renowned for developing young players and are always on the lookout for new members.

Cambridge: In Cambridge, Cambridge City is the powerhouse club and is looking set to move up into the premier league this year. Cambridge Tigers and Cambridge Phoenix are also good teams looking for players whilst a little further afield Ely Vikings and Littleport Lions are also friendly teams open to students.


There are three more korfball hubs in the Midlands with Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham.

Birmingham:  Birmingham City is a team recently promoted to the national premier league and has a number of ex-students in their side.

Nottingham: Nottingham City is one of the traditionally strong midlands teams in the UK and is on the lookout for ambitious players to bolster their squad. Nottingham Magic is a friendly club with a student feel.

Leicester: Leicester Tornadoes are a more recently established club in the midlands area. The club now boasts three teams competing in the regional league and local leagues. They are always on the lookout for new players to help develop the club even further.


Alongside university teams, both Crewe and Nantwich and Castle compete in the Staffordshire and Cheshire leagues.


There are also a number of big korfballing cities in the North of England.

Manchester: Manchester Warriors are a very strong club with a large proportion of ex-student players. Manchester Hawks are another friendly club with a student-like social scene whilst Manchester City is also keen to sign new players.

Sheffield: In Sheffield, both Sheffield Trotters and Snakebite is student-friendly clubs with competitive sides.

Leeds: Korfball in Leeds is dominated by Leeds City who is another club pushing for promotion into the premier league.

Gateshead: The first korfball club in the north east, Northern Storm are looking for new players and welcome ex-students.


Korfball in Wales is centred around Cardiff which is another popular post study destination.

Cardiff Raptors is the largest club with 3 teams competing in the Welsh National League and the Western Regional League. Cardiff City competes with one team but they are very keen on developing new players.

Both and Cardiff Dragons have a number of teams and welcome players of all abilities whilst Cardiff Raptors are an ambitious club set up by an ex-student.


Korfball in Scotland is geographically quite spread between some of the major cities.

Edinburgh: Edinburgh City is the current dominant force in Scottish korfball and with a number of teams to welcome all ambitious korfball players whilst Edinburgh Mavericks are also on the hunt for new talent.

Glasgow: Glasgow is the other powerhouse of Scottish Korfball and is also on the lookout for players to fill their growing squad.

Dundee: Dundee is a relatively newly formed club in Scotland so would love any students moving to the area to get in touch with them.