Chairman’s Annual Report ’14/15

In the continuing vein of trying to provide better and earlier information, below is the annual report due for this years AGM taking place at BUCS National Championships at The UEA Sportspark on Saturday 7th March at 5 45pm. The Treasurer’s report will follow.

British Student Korfball has had, and is still having a fantastic year. I’m pleased to say that in contrast to a couple of years ago, where the chairman’s report stated that what was good about student korfball was largely down to clubs and not the governing body, I believe the BSKA is now pulling its weight as a partner to clubs in a more tangible manner.

In saying this though, I want to again thank clubs and their members for all their hard work- no matter what the BSKA does, it is always ‘on the ground’ at universities where you make the real difference.

Overall, the association has had a growth in membership, participation and elite sport activity. Throughout this, the revenue of the association has grown to match the increasing demands of activity levels and no loans or debts have been incurred, and as such abiding by the financial requirements set by the BSKA constitution.

I think there are three key areas that we should note at the end of the season:

International Setup


As you will all know, BSKA competitions have grown from 4 competitions last year, with 3 of these being recognised by BUCS, to 15 BUCS recognised events. We also had 47 teams enter the new competition structures, up from 18 last year, which is fantastic and shows the potential of the sport, although we fell just short of our target of 48 competing teams.

This change has definitely had ‘growing pains’ which unfortunately are to be expected, with steep learning curves for both the association, and clubs which have kindly hosted events after long absences as hosts, but also for clubs entering more than one team, and the associated rules that go along with it.

Key learning points that I think we/ the new executive have to take away are:

Supporting hosts to find referees, particularly in the early stages of competition;
Confirming all venues before the start of the season, to support travelling clubs- this will be easier in year 2 as we actually know the format well in advance!
Having Regional Support for competitions will be key and as such will be included in a proposal for executive committee restructure before the AGM/elections.

We have also seen a huge increase in BUCS points, which I certainly hope will encourage more universities into the sport.


We have had several new, returning and second year clubs taking part, which is fantastic to see. We need this for the growth of the sport, and I encourage any members going back to their home areas to look at how they can support the growth of new University sides in their areas.

Thank you to everyone who has recently set up, or continued running a club.

International Setup

As you may be aware, the BSKA, in partnership with the EKA, is hosting a trial event University World Cup. This event will feature 2 GBR teams and 6 other teams from around the world. The event is a precursor to potential inclusion in the FISU series of World Championships for University level Sport. This would be a massive step forward for us as a sport and we hope the event runs successfully. We have several people to thank for this in a big way. Firstly the EKA for their ongoing support. Secondly our Internationals Team, Stan Dunn (Squad Manager) Joe Stirling and Dave Buckland (GBR Coaching team).

This year has been the best in recent memory for the Great Britain Student Korfball Squad, and I hope this continues in future, by having a regular World Championship to train for, which should drive the international programme.

Overall a successful year for student korfball, but hopefully nothing more than a platform for the work of future executive committees. As this report is released in advance of the national finals events, I’m very pleased to be able to wish the 47 participating teams the best of luck in achieving BUCS success in the national Championship, Trophy and Shield Competitions!


BSKA Chairperson